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What's better to rent our property in My Home In Meribel than a website dedicated to My Home In Meribel?

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Give sense to your rental project

Founded in 2012, My Home In Meribel is the result of our experiences as owners of holiday rental properties and tenants while traveling. My Home In Meribel is the 1st and unique holiday reservation platform offering a 100% rental incomes guarantee and protecting your property as well.

A common sense proposal

My Home In Meribel has been built with common sense and the desire to contribute to local development and environment. Our solution is made of simplicity, freedom and respect.

Selected properties for targeted visibility

We rather prefer proposing selected properties versus their numbers. We meet the expectations of our tenants and give qualified and strong visibility to your ad. My home in is a French alternative with an international outlook.

Privileged relationships in a trust environment

At My Home In Meribel, no call center with standardized responses. We know and maintain a privileged relationship with the owners and concierges using our services. We do our best to provide you with support, advices and recommendations.

We offer an environment made of trust, security and guarantees for your reservations while optimizing your rental incomes at the same time.

My Home In Meribel has definitely nothing to envy to the international reservations platforms. If you think global, think local. We consider it is the responsibility of each of us to contribute to a local and efficient alternative for anyone who wants to rent in our beautiful country. Contact us, and let's get to know each other.

Our commitments

Keep your freedom

Listing your property with My Home In Meribel is totally free and without any commitment. You exchange directly with travelers and accept or not a booking without any penalty.

Keep your freedom

Listing your property with My home in My Home In Meribel is totally free. "We earn our life if you earn your". Free listing allows our team to have an objective analysis of each ad prior releasing it online (or not!).

My home in gives owners a total freedom in their exchange with tenants, as well as accepting a reservation or not. We think there is a good reason behind any booking refusal. Therefore, we do not apply any kind of penalty whatsoever as most of the holiday portals do.

Selected properties

Our travelers have already chosen their holiday destination. We select each property, offering a limited number of ads listed for higher and better visibility.

Selected properties

We do not want owners to waste time answering unqualified demands. Our websites can only be found by someone making a research for a specific destination, meaning that each of our websites only appears in the search results when the research refers to its destination. As a matter of fact, travelers sending demands through My home in have, for 95% of them, chosen their holiday destination. Their demands are serious enough, taking also into account that no request can be sent on a property if the traveler has not identified himself through our system.

We wish to give your property visibility and the best possible presentation as well. Each ad submitted through My home in registration form is not always released online. We want to propose tenants enough choice, without compromising on the quality. However, we do not intend to propose an unlimited number of ads. This would not help your ad to perform and this would not give you any motivation in answering demands. We have chosen to limit listings (finding the right balance with the demands), allowing us to know or have a minimum of exchanges with each of you. We do think this approach benefits to all the parties.

Personal support

At My Home In Meribel, there is no automatic answer. Our local team is available to answer your questions and to help you responding to your tenants.

Personal support

We wish to create a smart combination between the practical and security aspects of online bookings, and the pleasure and facility to understand each other while having a direct conversation. Call centres based abroad, special number costing a fortune or automatic answers guiding you through a process that never ends... This is not My home in. 

We answer when everything goes well but also when there is a problem to be sorted. We never leave an owner or a tenant facing alone an issue linked to a reservation. We value common sense in our approach.

Payments, Contracts, Deposits

With My Home In Meribel, your payments are guaranteed. No hidden service fees, you received the amount agreed at the time you accepted the reservation. Contracts are automatically made online. You are free to manage your security deposit or to ask My home in to do it for you.

Payments, Contracts, Deposits

Online payments are managed with our partner SOCIETE GENERALE Bank.

PAYMENT: My home in takes care of the tenant's effective payments. We give the owner the guarantee of being paid, you do not need to care about your tenant's payments. For obvious security reason, we do not send owners any deposit prior the tenant has entered the property. The amounts paid by the tenant remain on My home in escrow account and are released within 24 hours following the tenant's arrival. In contrary of most of the major holiday portals, we think that those amounts belong to you and are not part of our treasury. We are not entitled to keep the rental price for a longer period than the one needed to ensure everybody's security.

You receive on your bank account a sum being exactly the same as the one mentioned when you accepted the reservation. With My home in, there is no hidden costs or additional costs you get to know later. We wish you to be comfortable with our system and keep transparency at every step.

CONTRACT: My home in provides you with various services in relation with your booking. The first one consists in having your rental contracts automatically made. When you submit your ad on My home in, you provide our system with some information about your property and choose at the same time some variable criteria such as the arrival and departure time, your cancellation policy or your security deposit amount. When a tenant send you a booking request, he has first accepted My home in booking terms. Those booking terms are considered as a rental contract. They have exactly the same form as the contract you would send in case you do a booking on your own. Those booking terms take into account the variable rules you have defined and the description of your property as well. When you validate a booking request, you also accept My home in booking terms. This is how the rental contract is formed. This is as easy as buying a flight ticket! You obviously keep the possibility of printing this contract if needed.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: we can also manage your security deposit if you wish, taking a debit autorisation on the credit card used by your tenant at the time the reservation was made. You keep the possibility of managing the security deposit by yourself.

Incomes guarantee & protection

Unique, My home in guarantee allows you to secure 100% of your rental incomes while offering particularly attractive cancellation conditions to your tenants. Too often neglected but essential, you also benefit from our 1,000,000€ civil liability covers.

Incomes guarantee & protection

RENTAL INCOMES GUARANTEE: tenants look for more flexibility regarding the cancellation terms while booking a property. Most of the time, booking platforms impose owners to apply free cancellation conditions. As a matter of consequence, in the event a tenant cancels, sometime few days prior arrival, there is a lack of revenues for the owner.

In case of cancellation, My home in rental incomes guarantee secured 100% of your revenues from the day the reservation is effective. This applies to any reservation you accept through My home in without any additional cost. Our guarantee is unique and has been set in partnership with a French mutualist insurance company.

Because flexibility has become a key criteria for a tenant while booking, you can adjust the rental income guarantee you benefit from giving your tenant more flexibility regarding the cancellation terms linked to your property.

PROTECTION - CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE: for any rental, a tenant must have an insurance to stay safely in your property while you also need one as an owner to rent it out. Those administrative processes are complicated, time consuming and particularly difficult for foreign tenants. Nevertheless, it is fundamental and most of the time not addressed by both parties.

With My home in My Home In Meribel guarantee, all the reservations processed through our website benefit systematically from civil liability covers to ensure your protection. You avoid dealing with a complicated process with the certainty of being insured and also makes your tenant's life easier!

Advertise your property with My Home In Meribel
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Renting with us is easy

Publish your ad

Listing your property with My Home In Meribel is totally free and with no obligations. It only takes a couple of minutes to submit your property.

Set your conditions

You define your rates and choose your rental periods, your property occupation rules and cancellation policy.

Manage your availabilities

A calendar up to date is a key point for My Home In Meribel. It reflects on the quality of our websites and on the seriousness of your ad.

Follow your demands

A fast answer is a key factor for the success of your rentals. You are running out of time, leaving on holiday? Our team can help.

Welcome your travelers

Rental contracts and payments are automatically managed by My Home In Meribel. You just need to focus on welcoming your travelers.

Advertise your property with My Home In Meribel
testimonial quote 66 It's cool, easy to use and with a local commitment. It changes from the very impersonal service the big players offer! Olivier C. - Paris testimonial quote 99

It is your time to travel

You have a property listed with My Home In Meribel? You can choose not to receive your revenues entirely, converting a share of this amount into a 'holiday credit' to organise your own trips and rentals.

My Home In Meribel covers a significant number of destinations in France and abroad, in the mountains, by the sea and in the country side! We keep expanding every year. You can also decide to have your family, children, grandchildren, friends….benefiting from your holiday credit. For more information, contact us.


The rental market is made of several portals allowing you to display your ad. Logically, each of them has plus and minus. Join My Home In Meribel owners community and get involve in a local and French initiative made of quality and common sense. 

My Home In Airbnb Abritel Booking
Funds destination FR US US LU
Free listing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Limited number of ads Yes No No No
Selected ads Yes No No No
Personal support Yes No No No
Booking subject to approval Yes No No No
Refusal penalty No Yes Yes Yes
Payment date after arrival 24h to 48h 24h to 7 days 24h to 30 days 15 to 30 days
Service fee (+ VAT) 5% 3% to 14% 249€ + 5% 15% to 17%
Bank & other fees 0% 0% to 2% 3% 1.1%
Service fee calculation base Rental price only Rental price & Extra Rental price & security deposit Rental price & Extra
Revenus guarantee Yes No No No
Civil liability Insurance 1 500 000€ 800 000€ 800 000€ No

The information displayed above is based on the feedback given by some of the owners listed on My Home In Meribel and on our own analysis of the market. The conditions can change anytime and we invite you to make your own experience and comparaison.

We answer your questions

How can I list my property with My Home In Meribel?

You must register by clicking the button 'Publish my ad' visible on the website home page. Then, fill in your profile and the information about the property you wish to rent. Finally, post the photos of your property , update the availability periods and the prices as well.

When a tenant does a search, the ads matching the most the research appear first. Secondly the recent update of the calendars and the good response rate to requests received help the rise of your ad at the top of the list.

My Home In Meribel intends to protect you from the risks and uncertainty related to holiday rentals. You don't have indeed to worry about rental contracts or to ensure proper payment of the rent. By exchanging with your potential tenant through our website mailbox, you ensure yourself comfort and peace of mind. The email addresses and phone numbers of both parties in the transaction are disclosed once the reservation is finalized and paid.

You are fully in right to refuse a reservation request if you are not comfortable with it. Be careful, this will mark your property as being not available. Therefore you will have to re-open your calendars.

From your owner account, click the 'Add an Ad' button at the upper right corner, this will allow you to avoid refilling the first steps of identification.

You are the one deciding your prices and the prices of the options you propose if any (cleaning, linen, etc). Service fees will automatically appear in addition to your base price in order to give the tenant the full cost for his stay.

Payment is automatically done within 48 hours following the arrival of the travelers. If there is a day off or a bank holiday, payment can be slightly delayed.

The initial price proposed will always be the one you have indicated at the time you filled your prices. You can modify this price anytime during the exchange you have with the potential tenant. Just use the "Modification" button and the appropriate fields. Dates can be modified as well if necessary.

You have not found an answer to your question? Please, check our FAQ!
You can also contact us by phone (+33614394144) or by email (info@myhomein.fr)